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Would you like to call on my expertise? You have special needs and you want to secure your budget in advance? Here is an indicative range of the prices that I practice in France (for foreign countries, consult me).

Service typePrice
Standard development:
– Embedded software development (C/C++/VHDL)
– Embedded electronics (microcontrollers, FPGA, ASIC…)
– IP development in VHDL
– Component choice / Benchmark of different technical solutions or hardware
– Electronic and software architecture of embedded systems
Starting at 700€ per day (840€/day with 20% VAT included)
Development at a high technical level or very specific:
– Reverse engineering
– Cryptography analysis
– Ethical hacking
– Penetration test / pentest
– Signal identification
– SDR (Software Define Radio)
– Security
– PMR Radio communications
– Brute force
– Algorithms optimization / multi-threading compute / GPU compute
Starting at 2000€ per day (2400€/day with 20% VAT included)
General technical training:
– Electronics
– C language
– VHDL language
Starting at 1000€ per person and per day people (1200€/pers/day with 20% VAT included)
Specific technical training:
– Radio communications
– PMR network security
– Hacking
– Reverse engineering
Starting at 2000€ per person and per day people (2400€/pers/day with 20% VAT included)
Flat-rate or task-based servicesConsult me
Long-term service / Recurrent needsConsult me
Sale of specific tools (tailor-made) and user licensesConsult me
Other service(s) / Specific need(s)Consult me

These rates are given for information only, they are to be adapted according to the following criteria:

  • The degree of urgency of the project
  • The duration and the location of the mission
  • The nature of the project
  • The possibilities of remote home working
  • The technical level required
  • The specific constraints of the project (technical and human risks, challenges and responsibilities, pressure, geographical distance, night work, weekends, in a dangerous environment, etc.)

Travelling expenses

The above prices do NOT include travel costs which will have to be provided for in addition (except in the case of a mission in the Paris region).

Two options are available to you :

  1. Refund / Re-invoicing of actual costs (plane, train, hotel, meals, etc.) upon presentation of receipts.
  2. Integration of costs directly into invoicing (« all-inclusive » type global package)


The VAT does not apply for foreign countries outside Europe

Possible partnerships

I am open to any form of partnership if you have a project to develop that makes sense and you lack technical skills.

I reserve this device as a priority for professionals from small or medium companies with a serious project, in such a case the rates mentioned above do not apply and it is essential that this partnership is win-win.

This form of collaboration will be treated on a case-by-case basis, do not hesitate to contact me to tell me about your project (contact).