Online training in English – Study of the security of PMR systems – How do basic privacy work?

In digital PMR radio networks (DMR, dPMR and NXDN), manufacturers offer different encryption methods to more or less effectively protect your exchanges from malicious eavesdropping.

There are generally 3 types of encryption:

  • Low level encryption (also-called “basic privacy”)
  • Intermediate encryption
  • Advanced (or high-level) encryption

What are these ciphers really worth? Do they offer real protection?

This is the kind of question that the online training/learning answers.

This is oriented towards « basic privacy » but it is a basis for understanding how more advanced encryption work.

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What does this online training contain?

This training contains a total of 4 hours of videos in French divided into 15 chapters (49 videos in total).

Theoretical lessons and practical exercises.

Chapters are organized into short videos of 3-10 minutes each so you can easily stop and pick up where you left off.

The main encryption types treated:

  • How does Motorola MotoTRBO Basic Privacy encryption work ?
  • How does Hytera Basic Privacy encryption work ?
  • How does the 15 bit scrambler encryption used by Icom and Kenwood work in NXDN/dPMR ?
  • How to decode Basic Privacy with DSD ?

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What does contains the 15 chapters of this online training ?

  1. Introduction
  2. Encryption types offered on the market
  3. Encryption types offered by Motorola
  4. Encryption types offered by Hytera
  5. Encryption types offered by AnyTone
  6. Encryption types offered by TYT
  7. Encryption types offered by Icom-Kenwood in NXDN-dPMR
  8. The basis of encryption
  9. Encryption Algorithms
  10. The DVSI AMBE+2 vocoder
  11. NXDN standard ciphers
  12. My comments
  13. The Motorola Basic Privacy encryption
  14. The Hytera Basic Privacy encryption
  15. The dPMR Scrambler encryption

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What is the cost of this training?

1,200 EUR (VAT included) / 1,000 EUR (VAT excluded)

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How is the registration process?

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What are the technical prerequisites to be sure to fully understand the training?

Mandatory technical prerequisites:

  • Know how to use DSD [Digital Speech Decoder] (we are talking about the open source version of DSD available here, NOT DSDPlus)
  • Know how to edit and run a batch file (.BAT files on Windows or .SH files on Linux)

Recommended technical prerequisites:

  • Know how to operate an SDR receiver
  • Have technical knowledge of radio transmissions
  • Know how to read English
  • Understanding Boolean logic (AND, OR, EXCLUSIVE OR logic gates)
  • Have a knowledge base in DMR, dPMR, NXDN
  • Understand numbers in hexadecimal format

Optional and totally optional technical prerequisites:

  • Have radio equipment on hand (to reproduce the exercises)
  • Have knowledge of cryptography
  • Possibly know how to code in C/C++ (if you want to modify the DSD code)

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I made a mistake, can I get a refund?

No, once the payment has been validated you will have immediate access to all the training, therefore it will be impossible for you to get a refunded (section 6 of the terms and conditions).

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Is this online training in French or in English?

The training exists in 2 languages, French and English but you must choose the one you want, on this page it is in English.

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I made a mistake, I bought the English version when I wanted the French version, what should I do?

Do not panic, contact me I will make the switch.

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